Prime Video is adding a Shuffle button

Amazon Prime Video lets you virtually co-watch shows with up to 100 friends  - CNET

It appears that Amazon Prime Video is to roll out a shuffle button. Android Police recognized a button in the Android application of Prime Video that allows users to begin a series from any of random point. From that point, they can proceed in the canonical request.

Prime Video provides so much to its subscribers, and this latest video streaming service is offering this shuffle functionality now, where last summer, Netflix has already begun testing a shuffle-pay option, which starts a show or movie at random.

While clearly not an incredible option for watching shows where characters change and grow over the long time, it could assist cut down time spent picking a scene of comedy or programs like Unsolved Mysteries, which you can stop and start whenever you want in the series and still stay locked in.

Netflix COO and Chief Product Officer, Greg Peters told Variety at the time that its truly working for them where their members can initially show to Netflix that they simply need to skip browsing allover, click just a single button, and they’ll pick a title for users just to immediately play, and it’s an incredible mechanism which functioned quite well for members/watchers in that condition.

Amazon’s answer is somewhat unique, as it expects users to already have a show or movie in their mind whatever they wish to watch. Additionally, it just works for one season, which could make its usefulness in the limit. The button will probably be advancing its way to mobile phones such as Fire tablets and Android devices.

Yet, any official statement from Amazon Prime hasn’t revealed when to expect the Shuffle button release. It may pop up testing soon for some users; therefore, it’s better to keep checking it.