Fujifilm-Nintendo’s new Instax printer

Instax printer.png

Key Highlights-

  • Fujifilm partnered with Nintendo to launch a Switch-themed version of its Instax Mini Link photo printer, released on 30th April.
  • It allows you to print your favourite game characters, scenes, settings on your smartphones.
  • It’s a smartphone printer supporting Bluetooth connectivity using an app to get your favourite scenes and snaps printed out right on your smartphone.
  • One can buy a reasonably priced printer for $100.

Fujifilm has collaborated with Nintendo to release a Switch-themed version of its Instax Mini Link photo printer and “instax mini Link for Nintendo Switch” app that enables the users to Snap and get the print out of their favourite games characters, scenes, and settings. It released on Friday, 30th April.

The screenshots you take are transferable to the Instax mini Link app through a QR code. Certain filters and numerous frames are available in the app from the range of games such as Pokémon, Super Mario and Animal Crossing.

It’s a smartphone printer that works via Bluetooth connection with your smartphone through an app to get the high picture quality print on your smartphone. Users can edit the images using the available game frames and print them out for the best of the moments.

Alongside launching an app, Fujifilm is also adding colours to the link lineup. For example, the base “Ash white” colour is complemented by red in the output division and blue around the power button. It is available to be purchased as a standalone product available with the limited-edition kit and a specially designed case made up of silicon featuring Pikachu.

The exclusive Instax printer from Fujifilm is available to be purchased for $100 separately. The buyers who wish to purchase the version available with Pikachu featuring silicon case can buy it later in May for $120. The printer is reasonably priced and easily accessible. The print images are relatively small and require photo paper to get the images printed.