Facebook’s in-app podcast player


Facebook’s very own in-app podcast player is under construction as per the Facebook blog post, circulated on Monday 19th April. The feature will enable the podcasters to dispense their podcasts and shows through their Facebook pages. This service is possibly set to be out within a couple of months.

With little information available, the feature is said to function through RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feed, or creators may be able to upload their stuff through some backend process. The media reports suggest that the Podcast player is a different platform with no connection with the in-app Spotify player, launched on 26th April. 

The podcast feature will allow the users to share their stories and access other stories within the Facebook app. The speculations suggest around 170 million people on Facebook are already streaming several podcasts, while over 35 million users have liked and are members of the fan groups related to podcast pages. Earlier, one had to leave a page to stream the podcasts. Soon, the podcasts will be streaming on the same page while you are using the app.

The in-app podcast service will allow users to access it using the Facebook app on iOS or Android. All one has got to do is opt-in.

Podcasts, being ad-based products, Facebook will have accessibility to collect information regarding the shows and their listeners and target its own ads against them. 

According to the reports, similar to Apple’s upcoming podcast subscriptions, Facebook’s in-app podcast service will provide the creators with a technique to set their shows behind a subscription paywall. This official announcement by Facebook to enter into podcasting worlds hints at the official entrance of the many other tech brands and companies like Google, Amazon, and so on. 

There’s a lot of information yet to be revealed regarding the in-app podcast feature, including other upcoming features.